Saturday, June 18, 2011

I started a new hobby.   Homemade lollipops!  I went to Hobby Lobby and got some cute lollipop molds.  Then I went to Krogers and bought some extracts for flavoring. 

I made my first batch of lollipops ...

I added butter extract, and they have a delicious butterscotch flavor!

A sunshine lollipop brightening the cloudy sky! :) 

 Aaron loves them ♥  And Rocky wants a lollipop, too!

I used Glad Press & Seal for the wrappers.  It turned out PERFECT!

Here is the second batch of lollipops I made ...

I added sprinkles for color, and I also added Almond Extract ... sooo fragrant and so YUMMY!


 I wrapped it up, and added a bow.  Ready to share! ♥

I would love to apply for a food license in the future, and maybe try and sell some sweets to pay off debt, and prepare for a family ♥  Now back to the kitchen! :)